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SIA "A.Ābeles Inženieru birojs" is a professional, highly qualified and certified team of engineers. Our aim, as industry experts, is to maintain and enhance the technical quality of our industry and to be a role model for other members of the industry.

The core activities of the enterprise consist of the design of electricity supply, electronic communications systems, building management systems and fire protection systems, as well as project management and construction expertise.

The technical documentation is developed in the BIM medium (3D). Sustainable construction solutions are integrated into the construction of projects, according to BREEAM and LEED standards. We only apply energoeffective and financially sound solutions to project design.

The company is also a legal member of the Latvian Electroenergetics and Energobuilders Association (LEEA).

AAIB birojs

"A.Ābeles Inženieru birojs" and its specialists of the energy engineering and design sector is a prominent brand that the whole industry can be proud of. The company has won the sympathy of contractors and other professionals in the construction industry, as evidenced by many awards which have been received for the great works in the tenders of the energy industry and the construction field. LEEA's colleagues appreciate the fact that "A.Ābeles Inženieru birojs", despite its busy agenda, manages to find time for active public work by participating in the improvement of industry legislation and the development of important policy initiatives.

Gunārs Valdmanis

"Latvian Electroenergetics and Energobuilders Association"

‘’We have been working with AAIB for more than 12 years. Complex urban development projects require professional partners that create a dialogue to find the best solutions, according to the context of the situation and the customer's goals. It's easy to work in a team because our businesses have a similar work culture – speed, precision and dedication to our work.”

Neils Balgalis

“Grupa 93” 

Core activities of the office 

Elektraopgāde (EL, ELT) -
Vadība un automatizācija (VAS/BMS) -
Elektronisko sakaru sistēmas un ugunsdrošība (ESS, EST, UAS) -

Electricity supply  (EL, ELT)

Building management systems (VAS/BMS)

Electronic communications systems and fire protection (ESS, EST, UAS)

Biroja galvenie darbības virzieni

Professionalism, desire and ability to address the seemingly unsolvable, not fearing the unknown.

The integration and introduction of new technologies in the projects has always been our passion.


Comprehending the regulatory base and understanding its correct application is our main priority on the way to a high quality final product.

‘’When working with AAIB, we can always rely on the professionalism of their team. Even in the most difficult projects, AAIB's team was always able to find the right solutions. The head of the company, Armands Ābele, also gets involved in the minuscule details of projects on a daily basis, making an invaluable contribution to the realisation of the project. If AAIB takes on the realisation of a particular project, then the work will be executed in time and according to the highest standards.’’

Ģirts Granāts


AAIB is more than our partners - it's our team! Tested cooperation and ever professional treatment. Leaders of their field.


Maija Križmane



Uldis Šulcs /

Uldis Šulcs

Project manager

Roberts Preiss

Roberts Preiss

Design department manager

Armands Ābele /

Armands Ābele

 Member of the board

AAIB biroja administratora nummurs

Office administrator

Valērijs Harmovs

Valērijs Hramovs

Project manager


SIA "A.Ābeles Inženieru birojs"

Reg. No: 43603045900

VAT Reg. No:  LV43603045900

Registered office: Kalnciema iela 45B,

Rīga, LV-1046

Swedbanka A/S, HABALV22


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