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Elektroapgādes tīklu projektēšana (EL, ELT) - AAIB.LV
 Vadības un automatizācijas sistēmu projektēšana (VAS/BMS) - AAIB.LV
Elektronisko sakaru sistēmu projektēšana (ESS, EST) - AAIB.LV
Ugunsdrošības sistēmu projektēšana (UATS, ESS-CI, ESS-DA) - AAIB.LV
Būvprojektu ekspertīze - AAIB.LV
Visu inženiertīklu projektu vadība, uzraudzība - AAIB.LV

Design of fire protection systems (UATS, ESS-CI, ESS-DA)

  • Fire detection and alarm systems;

  • Centralised notification system;

  • Smoke protection systems;

  • Security alarm systems;

  • Evacuation management systems.

Construction project expertise

  • We ensure a qualitative expertise of electricity supply construction projects, in conformity with the certificate issued by the State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia.

Management and supervision of all network engineering projects

  • We ensure the management of external and internal engineering networks, the development of plans for integrated engineering networks and the co-ordination management of the construction project.

Design of electricity supply networks (EL, ELT)

  • Internal power and lighting networks, in conformity with BREEAM and LEED standards;

  • External electricity supply networks with a voltage of up to 20 kV;

  • Backup electricity supply systems (DG, UPS, DRUPS);

  • Lightning protection and grounding systems;

  • -Airport and aerodrome electricity supply and aerodrome lighting systems, in accordance with ICAO and FAA standards, including heliport systems;

  • -Solar and wind energy systems.

Design of building management systems (VAS/BMS)

  • Systems for automation, management and monitoring of building engineering systems;

  • Lighting control systems using DALI, DALI2, KNX, etc.

  • Remote reading systems M-Bus, Modbus.

Design of electronic communications systems


  • Telecommunications and data networks;

  • Access control systems;

  • Video surveillance systems;

  • Security alarm systems.

Tehniskās konsutācijas - AAIB.LV

Technical consultations

  • We carry out the full cycle of the client’s representation, starting with consultations in the planning phase, development of the project in the BIS system, requesting technical regulations, and finishing with the construction management, as well as the representation of the client’s wishes at the construction site.

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